The Darjeeling Momo from Wow! Momo

The Momo has long been a popular snack across the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. These delicious little dumplings are found all across the Central and East Asian regions. The popular version we all love can be broadly referred to as the Himalayan momo which is believed to have journeyed to us from the Tibetan regions. Traditionally due to a lack of arable ground in the hills as well as the rather cold weather conditions the fillings were protein based like Yak or Pork minced meat. However with trade and immigration as the momo became a fixture across the Himalayan regions other fillings like chicken, vegetables and mutton minces became popular. This delectable delicious morsel today is much loved both as street side and fine dine food by all because you can have such versatile fillings including chocolate and cheese.

In 2008 two young entrepreneurs Sagar Daryani & Binod Homagai decided to translate the momo into a QSR format and founded Wow!Momo. The rest as they say is history.   Kolkata has seen this brand grow from 30 sq.ft to 3 lakh sq.ft today in the city. With over 300 outlets across 16 cities in India and presently valued at over INR 850 crores it is success at a different level altogether.

There are however always both compliments and criticism to live with and it was often felt that while Wow! Momo has always offered innovative momos, there is a segment which felt a lack of “an authentic momo” from the brand. Their R&D Team went into action and the answer was to add on a special product- the DARJEELING MOMO – an old school momo served with a robust & fiery sauce in both chicken and vegetarian options has been recently launched very successfully and to great public demand.

I was invited to preview the product at their Flagship Park Street Store and trotted off in anticipation because I love my momos. The bright store done up in their signature brand colors of red and yellow is cheerful & welcoming and I ordered up both the vegetarian & chicken momos in all their 3 variants – Steamed, Fried & Pan Fried each served up with that fiery red hot momo sauce.

The Darjeeling Momo…. the name itself evokes memories and nostalgia and takes me back to holidays in the hills where I indulged to my heart’s content on plate after plate of those delectable and delicious little morsels of delight. The lovely fresh momo dipped into the spicy fiery sauce warmed one to the core in the cool climes of the mountains. Toy train rides, foggy walks at the Mall and lots of momos are what my Darjeeling memories are made up of.

Being a non-vegetarian I decided to try the vegetarian momos first, one bite in and I was hooked. For someone who does not particularly care for vegetarian momos these were really good. Next I dived into the chicken momos – lovely stuff and the addition of some coriander and the slight peppery taste makes all the difference. I was truly happy that both the Vegetarian and Chicken variants of The Darjeeling Momo lived up to my expectations, the spicy robust hot sauce the perfect accompaniment. My personal favorite is always the steamed momo but the fried and pan fried ones were rather yummy too.

The Darjeeling Momo is now officially my favorite offering from Wow! Momo.

At five pieces per portion starting at Rs 99/- onwards for Veg and Rs 109/- onwards for Chicken it’s a Wow deal indeed!!!

Veg Darjeeling Momo:

Steamed – Rs.89

Fried – Rs.109

Pan Fried – Rs.119


Chicken Darjeeling Momo:

Steamed – Rs.99

Fried – Rs.119

Pan Fried –Rs.129




DISCLAIMER: The author was invited as a guest of The Management but all opinions expressed are entirely their own.


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