Asia Kitchen by Mainland China

Asia Kitchen the newest offering from the Specialty Group of Restaurants is a wonderful place for lovers of Oriental Cuisine. They are serving up cuisines from China , Vietnam , Indonesia , Burma , Thailand among others and the food and service are both very very good. Its a very cleverly chosen Menu with lots of crowd-pleasers and so needless to say all the boxes are ticked as far as the patron is concerned in terms of variety.

We made an impromptu plan to have lunch there and were left extremely satiated and happy after gorging on Prawn Hargao , Steamed Chicken Vietnamese Rolls , Asian Pickled Pepper Chicken , Sweet and Spicy Crispy Chicken , Konjee Crispy Lamb , Indonesian Black Pepper Crab , Grilled Prawn with Mango and Galangal , Stir Fried Udon Noodles with Prawn. All the above were super yummy but a special shout out for the Prawn Hargao and the Sweet and Spicy Crispy Chicken which were super. The Udon noodles were not a stir-fry and somewhat bland … that perhaps was the only blemish on an otherwise wonderful experience. However the service is so attentive that I was immediately assured that they would have a word with the Chef and remedy the same. I cannot wait to go back for more.
A second visit with our foodie group for dinner followed shortly and was equally excellent. Outstanding food and service made it a great evening out. The lovely delicate Tom Kha , my old favorite Crackling Spinach and the splendid Chicken Gyoza were delicious. However despite all the food being standout the showstopper for me was the delicious Green Thai Curry which I absolutely adored. The Chef made sure our meal ended with a bang with his molecular dessert of Frozen Nutella Rocks with Hot Nutella Sauce. It was a wonderful gastronomical experience and I look forward to many such meals at Asia Kitchen.

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Awadhi Food Festival

A mouth-watering menu specially crafted by Dr. Izzat Hussain a direct descendant of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Oudh & a celebrity unani medicinal practitioner curated by Dr. Ashish Chopra renowned culinary historian, gourmet author and television host. He provided us with a perfect melange of gastronomical stories about Awadhi Food.
Dr. Hussain showcases his repertoire of classic Awadhi dishes and secret recipes using Unani medicinal herbs and spices, a treat to the senses and to the health of your body and soul! Dr. Hussain’s old family recipes, some dating back to the early 19th century, provide the basis for this festival. A master conjurer of exotic foods, Dr. Izzat Hussain takes great pride in creating food that is easy on digestive system and beneficial to your health. One unique feature of his cooking is that he doesn’t use water and curd in his food.However his food was absolutely delicious and this festival which is on till month end is not to be missed.
The standout dishes for me were Chicken Tikka …. smoky and succulent I could not get enough of them. The Awadhi Ghosht Nihari which was outstanding and I only wish I had room for more …paired with the fantastic Izzat ki Roti which is made with a special multi-grain mix it was to die for….. meat tender and falling off the bone ….. and then the fantastic Ghosht Zaffarani Biryani which was stunning . They had some wonderful vegetarian dishes as well Kaju Paneer Biryani , Veg Paneer Quorma and Alu Hara Dhaniya all of which I really liked. I ended my repast with some delicious Firni and the tasty and unusual Orange Halwa which I had never had before. What with amazing food and great conversation with Dr Chopra and Dr Hussain it turned out to be a spectacular evening.
DISCLAIMER : The author was invited as a guest of Park Plaza

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Summer Coolers @ Cafe Pranah

Cafe Pranah is a place I absolutely love to hang out. Usually I always feel guilty when I eat out but never when I visit this lovely Cafe because not only is the food awesome but healthy as well. Therefore when I got a call from Chef Rahul Arora about the month long Iced Candy and Summer Cooler Festival at Cafe Pranah I was super excited. We landed up on a muggy evening and what unfolded was pure happiness.
The iced candies awoke the kid in me and were delicious. My top pickswere the Aam ka Panna and the Wildberry and Lemon which is sugarfree and I cant wait to go back for more.It just felt wonderful to sit after a hot muggy day with the yummy Iced Candy so refreshing and lovely.
They also have six terrific Summer Coolers which are in unusual flavours like Panakka , Kokkum and Hibiscus and are lovely. I was bowled over by the Panakka and Kokkum Coolers and loved the unique but delicious drinks that Chef Rahul has come up with. And they are actually healthy for you so you can head across and down a few and feel good about it !
The festival will be on throughout June and I would suggest an immediate visit. This one is not to be missed out on.
Picture Credits : Rahul Arora


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