Kounteya Sinha is an artist who weaves his magic not with the brush but with the lens of his camera. He is truly gifted with “the eye” and has the striking ability to see depths and dimensions in simple everyday objects and people that we never possibly could. His photographs are stunning and striking and at times gut-wrenching but always beautiful and they hypnotize you.

His latest exhibition is STONE – BEING AND BECOMING

What struck a deep chord with me personally is how STONE has actually perfectly captured our devolution and indifference as a society ….. and how stones, bricks and walls are the silent sentinels to have witnessed this. Truly if they could speak what stories they could tell and if only we would listen what lessons we could learn. The photographs induce such myriad emotions within you that you are moved beyond measure.

What an incredible journey this must have been showcased by over 60 spectacular photographs documenting a 95,000 km journey spanning over 25 countries in 440 days, exploring and capturing the romance of being static — the story of a rock becoming an astounding architectural wonder to the metamorphosis of human beings turning to stone – the phenomenon of unfeeling.

Words will not do these stunning photographs justice so I would urge you to visit and soak them in personally, to stand in front of them, drink them in and imprint them on your mind.

The venue of the exhibition is at The Harrington Street Arts Centre; 8, Ho Chi Minh Sarani; Opposite The American Consulate, Next to ICCR, 2nd Floor, Kolkata. The event is from 25th June to 6th July, 2016 from 12 noon to 7pm.


Disclaimer : All the photographs have been shot by Kounteya Sinha and have been used with his permission for my blog.

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