Uber Ice Cream

Uber has been a great boon to Kolkata and gone are the days when you worry about getting a taxi or having a taxi driver cheat you. Now all you have to do is use their app and call your cab right to where you are.

However what I have found particularly refreshing and enjoyed thoroughly is how Uber has used very innovative promotional ideas to endear itself to its users. The Harley Motorbikes and the Supercar Promos were received in Kolkata with great excitement as was the Uber Ice Cream Promo.

Uber Ice Cream happened in over 400 cities in 69 countries around the world this July 15 . Uber wants every person to pamper themselves with their favorite frozen treat with friends and loved ones with this year’s theme “Indulge Together”. All you need to do is open your Uber app between 11am to 3pm, set your location, and select ICE CREAM. Order away and your special Magnum ice cream bars will be delivered to you. Uber Drivers will deliver four bars of Magnum ice cream for a discounted rate of just INR 300/= to your requested location.

It was a grey and rainy day and I was at work in my office. It was one of those days when you sure as hell need a pick me up to get through the day. I suddenly remembered that today was Uber Ice Cream Day and opened up my Uber App … right there in the right hand corner was the Ice-Cream Option …. I quickly ordered and was wondering if with all the rain and water logging the delivery was going to be possible. Shortly thereafter my phone rang and it was the Uber Driver asking for detailed directions to reach my office which I promptly gave. A few minutes later a smiling man walks in and hands over a nice bright packet filled with four Magnum Bars (the Truffle flavor) and some very nice bright badges along with a very sweet little card that tells me to “Indulge Together”. Believe me that is exactly what I did, I gave three of my colleagues a shout out and they were soon in my office and we all happily tucked into our ice-cream. Suddenly with all the smiles around me it did not seem like such a grey and dreary day at all. Thankyou Uber Kolkata for brightening up our day.


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  1. I will try this definitely


  2. WoW! RUKSHANA KAPADIA that’s great to hear, but oh I missed my chance hope I knew it earlier… anyways thanks for sharing such a chocolatey story


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